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1689 Baptist Confession Chapter 29: Of Baptism - Commentary

... and of Divine Institution. Infants Baptism from Earth, and Human Invention Proved from the Commission of Christ, the great Law-giver to the Gospel-Church. With a Brief, yet sufficient Answer to Thomas Wall’s Book, called, Baptism Anatomized, Together with a brief Answer to a part of Mr. Daniel William’s catechism, in his Book unto Youth. (London, 1691). p. 6.
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  • Benjamin Keach's Gold Refined, or Baptism in its Primitive Puirty (1689) transcribed and formatted

    I’ve found myself lately to be diving into the subject of baptism again and especially searching old resources. Some great books were transcribed and available at Reformed Baptist Disk, but many more are not yet transcribed or properly formatted. But there are a lot of works which are available in scanned form (especially on Google Books) and image-to-text form on Early English Books. I first came across these sites and resources thanks to Samuel Renihan’s blog post. Tip: use the Wayback Machine to access some (currently) dead links. I’ve also formatted Isaac Backus’ A Short Description of the Difference between the Bond-Woman and the Free, but it still needs a proof read. But I will post it here soon, Lord willing. But for now:

    Benjamin Keach – Gold Refin’d, or Baptism in its Primitive Purity (1689)

    See the book here.

    If you find any mistakes and would like to report them, then feel free to respond back to this message or message me at

    1689 Baptist Confession Chapter 7: Of God's Covenant - Commentary

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  • ^ I have, by reading Jeffrey Johnson’s works, the Fatal Flaw and the Kingdom of God, changed my position concerning whether the Mosaic offered eternal life or not. When writing the article at first I did not believe that it offered eternal life and used Lev. 18:5 for this point, but now I argue also using Lev. 18:5 that the Mosaic did offer eternal life, but no one was able to obtain it, except Christ the Lord. I’m not completely certain on this point, and could change.
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